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Public Information Centre No. 2
Public Information Centre No. 2
Couldn't make it to the SECOND Public Information Centre? Want a closer look at the information presented?
Public Information Centre No. 2

Thanks to everyone who attended the second Public Information Centre (PIC) for the Glendon Drive Streetscape Municipal Class Environmental Assessment.

At the PIC, the project team presented a review of the design alternatives that were considered, including various cross sections along the corridor, intersection alternatives, environmental mitigation measures, and urban design themes and concepts.

Preliminary recommendations include: widening to different degrees along the corridor; roundabouts at the intersections of Glendon Drive and Komoka Road, and Glendon Drive at Jefferies Road/Vanneck Road/Coldstream Road; several signalized intersections; active transportation network improvements; and the realignment of the Old River Road intersection with Glendon Drive, as well as eliminating through traffic by creating two cul-de-sacs.

Please click on "Topic Details" to access PDF versions of the material presented. PLEASE NOTE: efforts have been made to reduce the file size wherever possible, but due to the nature of the files, they may take a few minutes to load, especially for the long corridor roll plans. Please be patient with the files! You may wish to save them to your computer for faster viewing.

YOUR FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT! Please provide your comments on the information presented.

More Info:
Introduction, Class EA Process, Summary of Comments Received To-Date
Alternative Cross Sections Along the Corridor, and Evaluation Summary
Intersection Alternatives (Komoka Road, Tunks, Jefferies/Vanneck)
Active Transportation Considerations and Urban Design Concepts
Old River Road Recommendations
Environmental Mitigation Recommendations
What's Next?
ROLL PLAN - West (from Hwy 402 to Springer Street)
ROLL PLAN - East (from Queen Street to the Thames River Bridge)

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