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Urban versus Rural Streetscapes
Urban versus Rural Streetscapes
What is YOUR idea of a 'rural' streetscape, versus an 'urban' streetscape?

We've been hearing from members of the community that a large part of what makes Kilworth and Komoka so unique and attractive is the rural/country feel. It will be important to retain those unique characteristics as the communities evolve.

As part of the Glendon Drive project, we will be looking at ways to efficiently incorporate future developments into the existing community. One element of this will be identifying streetscape elements appropriate to different sections in the corridor.

Help us create a vision for the future of the Glendon Drive corridor by telling us what YOU think a 'rural' streetscape, and an 'urban' streetscape may look like within the two communities.

THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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